SASE 投资回报率计算器

SASE can save your company a lot of money. 使用行业中第一个SASE ROI计算器来量化您可以在服务中实现的成本节约, asset consolidation, and labor when deploying 万博betmanx官网.

SASE 投资回报率计算器

SASE can save your company a lot of money. 使用行业中第一个SASE ROI计算器来量化您可以在服务中实现的成本节约, asset consolidation, and labor when deploying 万博betmanx官网.

顶级能源公司 Achieves Comprehensive “Work-From-Anywhere” with 万博betmanx官网

一个大的, 在油气行业各个领域运营的上市能源公司,通过万博betmanx官网,极大地简化了他们的网络堆栈,并实现了巨大的成本节约.

Availability and Buying Options in the Emerging SASE Market

EMA评估不同的SASE供应商和他们的体系结构方法, 唯一的, and support for their 云计算 and hybrid services.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for 广域网边缘 Infrastructure


万博betmanx官网 - Explained in 1 minute

在一分钟的概述中了解万博 安全SD-WAN解决方案.

万博betmanx官网 (Secure Access Service Edge)

SASE is the simplest, 最可伸缩的方式,持续保护和连接数百万进出公司资源的访问点,而不考虑位置.

万博 安全SD-WAN -简单、安全、可靠的多云连接分支

万博 安全SD-WAN是一个单一的软件平台,提供多层安全,并支持企业的多云连接.

Secure SASE for 教育al Institutions

数字化转型为教育机构的发展和满足当今管理者的需求提供了无限的可能性, 教育工作者, 和学生. 技术支持的学习环境正在催生一种新的思想流派,帮助教育机构超越传统课堂和校园环境的范围.

  • 远程学习 requires cloud-hosted learning and assessment platforms, collaboration tools, 聪明的豆荚, interactive displays, and immersive audio systems.
  • Current technological demands require simplicity, 速度, 智能设备比实体课本和学习资源更方便. 协作工具的速度和性能正在推动当前的员工和学生需求.
  • Sprawl of campuses 要求机构不仅要为所有站点提供快速通信,还要保证数据的安全. With remote learning, 更重要的是确保所有不同部门和站点之间的数据安全.

Challenges with the Modern Campus

而新的数字举措为教育机构带来了令人兴奋的增长机遇, 缺乏支持的网络基础设施正在影响效率和运营成本.

广域网是支撑数字学习生态系统——智能教室所有单元的骨干, 在线学习, and collaborative platforms, regular campus operations, 和更多的. 支持ing this complex digital environment requires a secure, 可伸缩的, 敏捷, and high-performing network infrastructure. 相反, legacy WAN inefficiencies are growing by the day, unable to keep up with changing demands, creating huge performance and 安全 bottlenecks.

Run primarily on bandwidth-limited, expensive MPLS private circuits, 传统广域网无法满足频宽需求的音频/视频, social networking, 和更多的.

Campus network users, parents and faculty, 与智能手机, 笔记本电脑, 和平板电脑, have dramatically increased traffic influx, eating into network bandwidth. As more applications are deployed, and new cloud applications are adopted, 带数据中心回迁的轮辐式架构延迟了应用程序访问, slowing down performance, and leaving users frustrated.

With remote access and extensive cloud usage, the risk of cyberattacks is also increasing, 而传统的广域网具有竖井式的安全系统,无法保护托管在云上的有价值的学术资产和资源.

How SASE Provides Speed and Performance

在追求现代网络解决方案,可以帮助跟上技术支持, new-age learning models, educational institutions are now turning to 安全SD-WAN. 去掉现有网络基础设施的成本、时间和复杂性是不必要的. An SD-WAN overlay can be cost-effective and deployed quickly, working in conjunction with legacy infrastructure.

安全SD-WAN makes applications run faster, safer, 和更多的 reliably. 它为所有应用程序用户提供一致和最高质量的体验,无论他们的位置. 安全的SD-WAN为教育机构提供了采用最适合它们的应用程序交付基础设施的自由, without sacrificing performance, 安全, 可靠性, 或控制.

Always Available Network

安全SD-WAN提供了聚合任何类型的多个连接的能力, 如MPLS, 宽带, 4 g无线, 和LTE. By leveraging all available bandwidth, 安全SD-WAN makes the network 敏捷 enough to support more traffic volumes, and changing bandwidth demands. 这样做, 它确保了持续的网络可用性和对托管在云上的带宽密集型应用程序的不间断访问. 安全SD-WAN的多传输链路弹性还有助于显著降低MPLS驱动的带宽成本.

High Application Performance

安全SD-WAN architecture embeds application intelligence, enabling deep packet inspection by the network, beyond its source and destination. 它根据业务意图策略智能地对应用程序流量进行优先级排序,并自动引导它们通过理想的传输路径. 这有助于确保关键任务学习和协作应用程序始终平稳运行, even during network outages, further improving application 可靠性 and quality of experience. 它还使校园It花费更少的时间处理网络复杂性,有更多的时间和精力应用于业务应用程序和服务.

Centralized 管理 and 控制

With centralized management and control, 安全SD-WAN dramatically simplifies WAN deployment and monitoring. 使用简单的模板驱动工作流,它消除了繁琐的、容易出错的配置. With zero-touch deployment, the campus IT team can deploy patches, 在所有学校和学院的分支机构中通过一个中央编管员一次性推出政策更新. 安全SD-WAN also offers deep granular visibility into applications, 设备, and users to immediately detect and fix anomalies. With a cloud-based 安全SD-WAN, educational institutions can effortlessly manage their complex networks, quickly propagate or integrate new remote branches (in less than a month!), and simply plug-in to instantly connect to cloud services. By eliminating the need for manual visits to each branch site, 安全SD-WAN also helps save substantial operational costs.

Secure Connectivity

安全SD-WAN的分割使IT能够安全地将不同的物理环境合并到一个单一的网络中. 这样做, 它们可以将关键任务流量从常规流量中分离出来并对其进行优先级排序,从而获得强大的安全性和更好的用户体验. 另外, 安全SD-WAN还集成了端到端多层安全与最好的特性,如下一代防火墙, 加密, contextual awareness, 和更多的. 这些更深层的安全能力使教育机构可以避免数据中心对云流量的回运, and instead directly access cloud data and applications, without fearing 安全 risks.