SASE可以为贵公司节省很多钱. Use the industry’s-first SASE ROI calculator to quantify the cost savings you can achieve in services, 资产整合, 和劳动时部署万博betmanx官网.


SASE可以为贵公司节省很多钱. Use the industry’s-first SASE ROI calculator to quantify the cost savings you can achieve in services, 资产整合, 和劳动时部署万博betmanx官网.

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EMA evaluates the different SASE vendors and their approaches to architecture, 唯一的, 并支持他们的云交付和混合服务.


Gartner Magic Quadrant report analyzes the various vendors in the 湾 edge market and 万博 is positioned as a Leader.


Learn about the 万博安全SD-湾 solution in a high-level, one minute overview.


SASE是最简单的, most scalable way to continuously secure and connect the millions points of access in and out of the corporate resources regardless of location.

万博安全SD-湾 – Simple, Secure, and Reliable Branch to Multi-Cloud Connectivity

万博安全SD-湾 is a single software platform that offers multi-layered 安全 and enables multi-云 连接 for Enterprises.

SD-湾 教程:如何处理下一代 SD-湾

SD-湾如何帮助我更好地管理我的网络? 软件定义广域网 (SD-湾) has been touted as a transformative technology by industry pundits and enterprise customers, 各种大小和不同的垂直行业.


SD-湾 works by simplifying traditional network infrastructure by creating an overlay that virtualizes multiple, 多样化的, 以及与载波无关的连接, using centralized 控制 for the 部署 和监控 of branch office services. This 运输 agnostic overlay network can replace a plethora of legacy and proprietary branch network and 安全 equipment, 为了简化操作, 更低的成本, 并提供更大的配器控制, 监控, 广域网基础设施的可见性.

Next-gen SD-湾 accomplishes this with application-layer 控制 of service policies to ensure peak performance. The SD-湾 overlay defines and applies QoS policies and rules and orchestrates the 湾 to deliver predictable levels of application performance.

SD-湾 also 控制s the underlying physical network infrastructure with an automated and programmable SD system that reliably and effectively delivers their applications, 为用户提供高质量的体验.

How to Manage Next-Gen SD-湾 Using Policies and Application-Awareness

和大多数事情一样, SD-湾越先进, 它在满足业务目标方面就越有效, 提供部署灵活性, 确保IT运营面向未来.


A next-gen SD-湾 will understand individual application SLA requirements and translate them into policies to which the network must adhere. This provides proactive network and application 监控 to ensure optimal traffic delivery and a quality user experience – whether 本地, 私人/公共云, 或SaaS.


An automated policy-based framework is propagated through unified 控制 and 管理, 从一个易于使用的, single-pane-of-glass接口. 可见性增强, 为IT提供对应用程序的洞察, 设备, 用户, 和网络, 确保所有功能符合组织的业务意图. 这简化了IT的定义能力, 控制, 并在分支机构之间更改业务需求, 数据中心, SaaS和云/.

使用简单的集中管理, 模板驱动的工作流消除了单调, 容易出错的配置. Cloud-based SD-湾 workflows make it easy to propagate new branches with zero-touch, 具有一致和无错误的部署.


SD-湾 部署 can be in branch offices, in multiple 云s, or a dedicated data center. The elimination of single-function proprietary appliances with a consolidation of 云计算 virtual network functions (VNFs) provides a cohesive, 虚拟网络, 以及多层次的安全方法.

这种方法消除了竖井, 功能单一的电器,带来不必要的风险, 复杂性, 以及组织的成本. Rather than managing 湾 complexities and expending time and resources tediously configuring and managing network and 安全 设备, a next-gen SD-湾 allows IT to add applications and services with an automated and programmable 云-native platform.


A next-gen 云-native SD-湾 brings greater levels of application intelligence to business 连接. Application-aware routing understands the paths applications need to take and provides the 管理 and 控制 to deliver a quality user experience. This means IT spends less time fussing with the networks and the complexities of their underpinnings, 更多的时间和精力可以用于应用程序. Application-aware routing reinforces the business intent and context of how applications are used, 基于组织规定的业务策略.

而不是仅仅使用路由协议来指导流量, 下一代SD-湾识别, 分类, 和基于应用ID的流量安全. 例如, 安全SD-湾 leverages a database of over 3600 application signatures and 100 million URLs that match conditions for routing-oriented policies.

基于应用程序的vpn也可以通过最小的配置进行设置. 例如, a VPN can be cost-effectively deployed within a fully meshed topology, 提供最高级别的冗余, 并支持对延迟敏感的应用程序, 比如声音和视频. 为遵从性目的, hub-and-spoke vpn可以为FTP和HTTP设置, 确保通过安全集线器站点路由应用程序.


Provisioning templates are an effective approach to simplifying tedious network configuration tasks and avoiding error-prone manual processes.

A next-gen SD-湾 with configuration templates can use workflows that combine the class of service to steer traffic; define service chains with a simple drag-and-drop, and automate network configurations to eliminate errors that degrade network performance and even cause network failures. Re-using templates improves productivity and streamlines the entire 部署 process while implementing a modular methodology.

SD-湾 configuration templates have the same relationships applied to multiple branch offices or groups of branches. Pre-defined configuration templates automate a host of tedious and time-consuming tasks.

他们掩盖的复杂性, by eliminating the need to know every detail about how to achieve a specific task. 通过简单地选择目标元素, 模板自动应用适当的配置.

Provisioning is simplified by providing a single system that pushes final configurations from the central 控制ler to the SD-湾 edge 设备 located in branch offices. 消除的是复杂的建筑整体配置, 作为SD-湾模板作为配置构建块使用小, 可管理的, 模块化的模板, 对不同的用户具有不同的权限. This also provides administrators with a mix-and-match approach to add elements as needed.

How to Set Up Micro-Segmentation for 控制, Consolidation, and Incident Containment

A next-gen SD-湾 can segment the network by the class of traffic and types of data, 本质上是建立企业内部的多租户.

局域网内的微segmentation, 湾, 云, and data center reduces vulnerabilities and risks from external and internal threats. Segmentation and embedded 安全 can limit the impact of data breaches by keeping ransomware and other attacks from quickly spreading. It also provides more time to detect, block, and purge unfolding exploits.

Segmentation enables the ability to securely consolidate disparate physical environments into a single network. 这样做, 您可以支持多种服务线路, 等它, 客人wi - fi, 以及跨越公共基础设施的关键任务流量, 同时保留管理和控制.

如何实现 端到端 控制

A next-gen SD-湾 should have functional capabilities that include routing, 连接, 无线网络, LTE, 安全, 具有UTM功能的NGFW, 丰富SD-湾功能, 和稳健广域网优化.

所有这些功能的结合使高级分析成为可能, 可见性, 和自动化 and with those three together: organizations can create a consolidated and unified software platform.

With these services embedded within a single software stack and the data (such as logging, 事件, and other information collected into the central 控制ler) IT has a single location for 控制, 分析, 和可见性. 管理员只需到一个接口查看路由, 运输, 安全, 和SD-湾事件. 这简化了所有事物之间的相关性. It also eliminates the 复杂性 of having to manage and correlate the data from every individual function, 像防火墙, 广域网优化器, 路由器, 和SD-湾, 来自多个供应商的.

A single software stack can optimize performance through its native service chaining architecture. Network and 安全 functions can be connected logically and cohesively while carrying information along the service chain, 当包在链上前进时, 从一个函数到另一个函数. A single memory copy operation can extract packet information for fast performance, 并根据所提取的信息执行查找. Operations can be further optimized when a packet is offloaded to the fas测试 path. The next-gen SD-湾 can process the rest of the packets in the same flow without requiring detailed lookups and achieve consistent execution of forwarding, 包操作, QoS / HQoS函数, 包封装, 和被膜剥除术, 等.

如何实现健壮性 多层次的 安全

A next-gen SD-湾 with embedded 安全 will protect against increasing Internet and branch cyber threats that are growing more complex every day.

防火墙等安全功能, 访问控制和过滤, 反病毒/恶意软件, 和DNS, 数据中心和 云资源 分支机构用户访问. The challenge for IT is how to efficiently deploy and monitor all this functionality within their remote offices. 它们需要集中供应, 部署, 和监控, and have little to no technical personnel located within the branches. 这就是下一代SD-湾的闪光点.

Whereas traditional networks have a complex jumble of 多样化的 single-function proprietary hardware appliances that require technicians to deploy and monitor, 下一代SD-湾简化了这一点, 每个分支部署中央控制器和边缘设备. 而不是局限于硬件, SD-湾是基于软件的, 基于软件定义网络(SDN), with a network functions virtualization (NFV) approach and 云 principals.

By leveraging robust network and 安全 virtual network functions (VNFs), the SD-湾 can provide all the 安全 functions at the branch offices – all deployed and monitored centrally. Cost and operational flexibility are obtained by leveraging an open-standard-based 云-native, multi-stack solution for embedded network and 安全 applications with robust features, 以及, 使用其品牌偏好的第三方VNF服务.


安全SD-湾 reduces costs through 湾 flexibility and simplifies operations with centralized provisioning, 管理, 政策控制, 和应用程序的可见性.

什么是安全SD-湾? 万博有何不同?

安全SD-湾’s multiple layers of 安全 protect against Internet and branch cyber threats. Organizations can reduce the Capex and Opex of their 湾 and branch networks while increasing IT responsiveness to meet business needs.

Eliminated are the plethora of individual proprietary network and 安全 设备, 每个都需要不同的技能集来安装, 配置, 测试, 和维护. The time required to manage the network is minimized and branch 安全 is strengthened.

安全SD-湾 is built for hosting virtual enterprise native network and 安全 apps and services and supports third-party VNFs. This new model is a streamlined solution that consolidates and optimizes the interactions between the stack layers, 以及各种应用程序和服务之间的互动. 安全SD-湾的虚拟化层具有健壮的路由, SD-湾, 以及本地嵌入的安全功能.

Enterprises and service providers can deploy the VM of their choice that allows for more flexibility. 安全的SD-湾建立在多服务的基础上, 多租户的软件平台, based on 云 principles that will deliver the unique value of scale, segmentation, 可编程性, 和自动化. 安全SD-湾 provides both 网络 and 安全 functions within a single software platform, 具有简化的服务链接功能. This approach gives 用户 the flexibility to choose the solution they want, free from vendor lock-in.